5 Star Street Chef

The 5 Star Street Chef food truck is the local gourmet truck that uses local ingredients (in season) and prepares local/traditional food with a twist. This is our first food truck and we are using this truck to test our menus for our other brands.


The Amexicano food truck serves well known American favorites such as burgers and sliders and Mexican dishes such as Tacos (tortillas) and Tortas (mexican sandwiches) as base with a variety of fillings. The asian influence also comes through in our gourmet style burgers.

Our Brand philosophy

  • Gourmet Food, sourced from local producers and freshly prepared. All our bread, tortillas, relishes and mayonnaise as well as patties and meat and vegetarian options are hand made in our kitchen. Every component of our food is hand made
  • Beautiful and professional designed mobile food trucks, equipped with the catering equipment required to cater for all types of events and complying with the necessary health and safety standards
  • Two Unique Brands with distinctive menus localised for our South African kitchen and they bring something fresh and innovative to our patrons
  • Truly South African brands but also incorporating our experience with other cuisines throughout all the travels and times the founders lived and worked in other countries